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Sedona Waterproofing Solutions is more than just crawlspace encapsulation. We install downspout and french drains too! Read on to find out more about this recently added service.

Gutters play an important role in protecting your house and are a standard feature of every new home. However, rain gutters alone aren’t efficient enough to properly guide water away from your foundation, especially with the sloped design that most modern houses feature. With houses being built closer together, larger square footage per home and an uneven floor design, drainage has become an issue especially here in North Carolina.

At Sedona Waterproofing Solutions, we install downspouts and french drains and direct them to a low point of the property which allows for better drainage and helps prevent water accumulation around your foundation or in your crawl space. Downspouts are channels or pipes that are connected to gutters and installed along the sides of your house to redirect rainwater and safely lead it to a drainage area. French drains provide a very similar function. They are slightly sloped trenches filled with round gravel and a pipe that divert water away from your house. Preventing moisture from surrounding your foundation, eliminates the risk that accumulated moisture poses to the structure of your home.

Here are 3 important reasons why you need a downspout/french drain for better drainage:

Protect your foundation

Rainwater accumulates on your house’s roof and runs down into your gutters, which are supposed to collect and drain it away from your home’s foundation. Downspouts can be seen as an accessory that helps your gutters drain water as far away from your foundation as possible. Draining water away from your home’s foundation decreases your chances of developing cracks and shifts due to water damage.

Keeps water out of your crawl space or basement

For homes with a crawl space or basement, moisture prevention is essential to ensuring you don’t develop mold, encourage vermin to settle or develop structural issues. Downspouts can protect your basement/ crawl space from flooding during a rainstorm. They can also prevent rainwater from accumulating on your rooftop, which might save you money that would have otherwise been spent to fix structural damages to your house.

No more soggy yard or water pools in plant beds

Downspouts and french drains ensure that rainwater runs off when and where it’s supposed to. They provide for a controlled flow of water instead of allowing it to splash everywhere. When you get a french drain installed, you immediately see the difference. Your lawn is no longer wet and soggy all the time, plant beds around the perimeter of your home no longer have pools of water and most importantly your crawlspace or foundation stays moisture free.


 We encourage you to call us today to find out more about how we can help with your downspouts, french drains and gutters.