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The weather has finally started to warm up and we know you can’t wait to spend most of your days enjoying it outside, but the warm weather may be causing serious problems unbeknownst to you. This is the season when our team here at Sedona Waterproofing receives a bunch of panicked phone calls from clients who’ve discovered, one way or another, that their crawlspace is “raining”. Many people are unaware that condensation can occur and cause water buildup in crawl spaces that have not been properly waterproofed. Not to worry though, Sedona Waterproofing’s excellent team of technicians is here to help.


The musty smell of a moldy basement is not only unpleasant, but can lead to serious health issues. If you think you have mold growing in your basement, educate yourself on the risks of mold in your environment and the best way to eradicate it. While most molds are not toxic in and of themselves, some molds may produce components called mycotoxins that may affect individuals with compromised respiratory or other health issues, suggests the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC.

Condensation often occurs due to high humidity. Crawl spaces are usually shaded and below ground making them naturally cooler than the outside air. When added to the hot, humid weather outside, the perfect conditions for condensation have been created. When the hot, humid outside air enters the crawlspace through vents, the water in the humid air condenses on the cooler surfaces just like water condenses on an iced tea glass sitting on your kitchen table. In extreme cases, so much water condenses that it begins dripping off the crawlspace surfaces and it begins to “rain” in the crawlspace.

In the past, our team at Sedona Waterproofing has encountered crawl spaces with over 30 gallons of water accumulated due to condensation. This much water creates the perfect breeding ground for mold, mildew, and fungus growth and their associated odors. Your hardwood floors will cup because of the difference in moisture content between the bottom, unfinished surface and the top, finished surface in a conditioned space, not to mention how your indoor air quality will suffer. Sometimes having HVAC ducts/ main units or insulation can make the situation worse. If you have a liner instead of dry solid ground, water will definitely pool and wreck your crawl space.

So what are your options? We suggest that you encapsulate your crawl space and install a dehumidifier. Encapsulation is a fairly simple process and our team of qualified technicians will conveniently expedite this process to meet your schedule. A dehumidifier is effective in controlling moisture in your crawl space. A home is one of the most significant investments a person makes in life, so be sure to protect that investment. Also, your family deserves a clean and healthy environment at all times. Be proactive and contact our team at Sedona Waterproofing Solutions and ask us about sealing your crawl space today.