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Summer is time to have some fun in the sun! But look out for those intermittent showers as well. With each downpour, water that accumulates in puddles on the ground near your home sometimes have an uncanny way of seeping into your crawl space…from which the wetness and moisture can create unexpected problems that are not only annoying, they can develop into a much larger problem.

The crawl space under everyone’s home is often a seemingly lost and forgotten place. If you have ever taken the time to inspect your crawl space, you might have realized that a bit of water which in turn leads to some moisture, will be present. If water tends to pool under your house it can no doubt become a breeding ground for mold. It is a cause for concern when there is excessive water and moisture in that enclosed space which is usually caused by heavy rainfalls and/or a sloped ground since water settles in mini pools and can sometimes drain off in the crawl space.

The excessive water also known as standing water can have three main negatives effects:

  •  The concrete walls are weakened: This problem occurs when the standing water is absorbed by the concrete due to its porous nature which causes expansion and contractions, thus leading to cracks. Over time,  the strength of the blocks are severely incapacitated.
  •   Presence of pests: Rodents and pests thrive in dark, moist places and your crawl space becomes the perfect vacation spot for these uninvited guests. Termites are especially known to wreak havoc on the structure of homes.
  • Mold and dew: Both belonging to the fungi family, are not only unsightly and helps to weaken the foundation of your home but they can pose a serious threat to your family’s health if not addressed.

Our staff at Sedona Waterproofing Solutions Services can prevent moisture from entering your home’s crawl space and stop pests, mold and decay in their tracks. We offer services such as encapsulating your crawl space with the highest quality waterproofing industry standard materials. Don’t hesitate, give us a call today at (704) 960-7906 and be sure to ask about our free inspections!