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Basement Sump Pump

Basement Sump Pump Repair, Replacement & Installation in Charlotte, NC

basement sump pump repair and replacement - sedona waterproofing solutions - charlotte ncA sump pump is a key element for keeping your basement or crawl space dry. Sump pumps are installed in the lowest part of the space and pump away the water that collects in the sump pit. Water can be a real problem in many homes, but not all properties are prepared to deal with the issue. At Sedona Waterproofing Solutions, we can help you with sump pump installations and replacements so that your basement or crawlspace can stay dry. Installing a sump pump is one of the smartest things that you can do if you need to protect your home from flooding or other water problems.

Sump Pump Installation

Installing a sump pump is best done by a professional so that you know it is completed to a high standard. Before installing a sump pump, it might be wise to excavate a basement by creating trenches that drain water toward the pump. The sump pump can then be installed in the appropriate location. A sump pump needs to be placed in the lowest part of the basement or crawl space so that any water drains down toward it. A sump pit is needed to place the pump in, which shouldn’t be too small. If it is, the pump can turn on and off a lot, which makes it burn out sooner. However, the pit shouldn’t be too larger, either.

Before placing the sump pump, a liner is placed. The liner will protect the pump from any debris around the sump pit to help your sump pump last for longer. Sometimes, it might not be possible to install the pump in the lowest place in the room. When this is the case, a PVC feed line can run through the floor to where the pump is placed. A drain system and the sump pump will work together to keep your home dry.

Sump Pump Replacement

Sump pumps don’t last forever, and you might need to replace yours at some point. At Sedona Waterproofing Solutions, our expert technicians can carry out sump pump replacements when you need them. There are a few reasons you might need to replace your sump pump, and some signs to look out for. If your sump pump is making strange noises, there could be worn or damaged parts. Watch out for vibrating too; if the pump vibrates a lot when it’s running, the impeller could be damaged.

Look out for how often your sump pump is running too. If it’s running all the time or it’s cycling on and off more than usual, these are both indications that something is wrong and it might be time for a replacement. Keep an eye on how old your sump pump is getting too. If it’s any older than 7 years old, there’s a good chance it’s time to replace it.

Sedona Waterproofing Solutions will take care of your sump pump installations and replacements so that you can keep your basement or crawlspace as clean and dry as possible.

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