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Foundation Repair

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Foundation Repair, Foundation Waterproofing, Foundation Crack Repair and Cost of Foundation Repair

The words foundation repair can seem intimidating to many homeowners. After all, the foundations are such an important part of the structural integrity of your home, and we all know how quickly damage to your property can accumulate when talking about problems with the foundations. But with the right, timely action, it doesn’t have to be a disaster – and solving the problem may well be simpler than you think at first glance. Using an expert company to help you address the cause of the damage means your home will quickly be safe and secure once again. So when you know that there are issues with the foundations of your home then it really is a case of the sooner you can put those right, the better.

foundation waterproofing - sedona waterproofing solutions - charlotte nc

Foundation Problems

When there are problems with the foundations of your home, you’re likely to become aware of them through a number of telltale signs. These can be categorized into those which are easy to identify, and those which may be a little less obvious, where you would have to know what you were looking for in order to spot them. Things like uneven floors are one clue that the foundations of your home may be suffering damage. Or you may spot that you’re having trouble opening and closing the windows and doors in your house. If cracks appear in the walls, the molding or even the exterior layers of concrete, that is usually a strong sign. If you can spot several of these symptoms at once, it’s more than likely that your home is suffering the effects of damaged foundations, and you should call in a professional without delay to assess the extent of the damage.

Average Foundation Repair Costs

Many homeowners rightly wonder what the bill will be like for repairing their foundations. The answer, of course, varies depending on the scale, extent and type of damage. Most households spend between $2,500 and $6,500 on repairing the problem. Minor issues, if spotted early, may only cost in the hundreds to solve, but some repairs are more major and will require significant equipment like hydraulic piers which increase the cost. Contact us for an obligation-free estimate to understand what the true cost of repairing your damage will be. Our friendly team at Sedona Waterproofing Solutions have years of experience in understanding foundation issues and can quickly provide what you need.

Foundation Crack Repair

foundation crack repair - sedona waterproofing solutions - waxhaw ncWhen there are cracks in the foundation of your home, a specialist repair firm will look at the cause and extent of the damage, and recommend the best solution to fit your particular circumstances. This can include a range of things, including anchoring, foundation piercing, injecting an expandable resin foam or slab-jacking. The best solution will depend on the cause and severity of your problem. Slab-jacking is a popular solution because it is more permanently effective. In this method, small holes are drilled deep into your broken foundations and are filled and secured with a special mixture. This process is less invasive, quicker and costs less than you may think. Repairing foundation wall cracks is a process that needs to be handled by qualified professionals to avoid causing any further damage and to ensure that the structural integrity of your home is restored.

Foundation Leak Repair

Foundation or slab leaks happen when the concrete standing of a home becomes damaged over time. You may be able to detect one if you have a sudden, unexplained hike in your water bills, a growth of mold on the walls, and pooled water on the floor with no other obvious cause. It’s important to address these leaks quickly, as the damage they cause to your home accumulates over time. This means that in addition to solving the root cause, you may be faced with a large water damage repair bill, or have to install new flooring, repaint walls and other inconveniences.

Do I Have Foundation Settling In Need Of A Repair?

Houses are subject to natural settling over time, especially for new buildings. As the earth and the structure shifts slightly, your house will settle over time. This is due to the effects of gravity and natural movement in the soil. Settling is fairly normal, so if you only have one of the above issues and it doesn’t appear to be too severe, it may not be the case that your home’s foundations are damaged. If your property is newly built, or you have recently extended, you are likely to experience some cracking of plaster and other minor issues. If you have lots of the signs listed above, however, and your house is older then it may well be that there are problems. Either way, your best course of action is to ask a qualified foundation repair firm to take a look. Sedona Waterproofing Solutions can apply our expertise to the situation and quickly guide you to the right solution.

Bowing Walls

Bowing walls can be one of the most alarming outward signs of foundation damage. If you can see bulging, bowing or leaning on internal load-bearing walls, there is something that has undermined the stability of the wall. And if there is no obvious external cause for that, you may have to look deeper. Frequently, you’ll find that bowing and cracks are caused by soil expansion or hydro-static pressure when structures are built on clay soils – water seeps through the soil over time, and sometimes this can exceed the strength of the wall and cause a wall to partially collapse, often at basement level. Bowed walls are unsafe and need to be corrected. There is the risk of total collapse, which would obviously be very dangerous for anyone in the house should it occur. Bowed walls are often also accompanied by significant cracking, which allows moisture to penetrate the structure of the house and enhances the problem. Although a bowed wall can be alarming to see, they can be rectified by the installation of wall anchors and a few other solutions to make them come good again.

Additional Foundation Repair Solutions

We also offer a wide range of additional services designed to prevent and remedy severe foundation damage. Learn more about our foundation repair solutions, or contact us today for a free estimate.

Carbon Fiber Strips

Carbon fiber strips are used to support and relieve pressure on bowing walls. They can also be used for crack repair. Carbon is among the strongest materials in the world, making these strips can be an effective and affordable alternative to major repairs.

Basement Wall Anchor Systems

Our basement anchor systems reinforce your basement walls where bowing, deterioration, or other damage has occurred. These anchors are inserted through the walls to provide stability and structural integrity.


Tuckpointing is the process of replacing the mortar between the bricks in your foundations to ensure that it is properly sealed and maintained. This is a great way to prevent water from penetrating your home and causing further damage.


Underpinning is an advanced solution for foundations that need extra support due to damage or additional load-bearing, such as an addition. Underpinning increases the depth of the foundation by inserting pins under the structure to provide extra stability.

Foundation Shims

Foundation shims are thin steel strips that are used to reinforce the underside of the foundations when homes are built on concrete slab foundations. These shims can help make your home more level while strengthening the foundation.

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foundation crack repair - sedona waterproofing solutions - waxhaw nc