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Midland, NC

Sedona Waterproofing: Protecting Your Home in Midland and Beyond

Did you know that water damage accounts for over $13 million in damage annually in The United States? If your home in Midland has been affected by storms or water damage, it’s time to contact Sedona Waterproofing Solutions.

We offer solutions for all things basement and crawl space repair, and custom-make all projects according to what’s best for your home.

Midland and Surrounding Area’s Choice for Waterproofing

Based out of nearby Concord, Sedona Waterproofing Solutions is an award-winning crawl space and basement repair/waterproofing company. Our track record speaks for itself;  Sedona Waterproofing Solutions has established its place as one of North Carolina’s premier waterproofing installation experts, and we have done extensive work in Midland and the surrounding areas.. If you need work on your home or project in Midland, we are more than happy to help.

In addition to understanding moisture leaks and waterproofing techniques, we also appreciate your needs as a homeowner. As such, we guarantee competitive prices, tidy work, and quick turnarounds at all times. Above all else, homeowners can be assured that our technicians will provide regular updates throughout. Transparency is key.

For the sake of your property, budget, and sanity, Sedona Waterproofing Solutions is the answer.

Waterproofing Built Around Your Needs

calcium deposits - sedona waterproofing solutions - midland nc
If you’re noticing calcium deposits on your walls, it’s time to call Sedona Waterproofing Solutions!

Your home is unique, and your needs are as well. We can treat full-size basements and crawl spaces with a variety of techniques and installations, including:

  • French drain installation
  • Outdoor waterproofing
  • Installing vapor barriers
  • Wood rot removal and replacement
  • Mold removal and remediation

In addition to treating basements with preventative measures, we offer restorations as well. Our crawl space waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation and vapor barrier installations ensure that even small spaces can be treated with the attention they deserve, in addition to improving the overall health of your home.

From precautionary steps to emergency treatments, Sedona Waterproofing Solutions are here to help.

Serving Midland and Beyond Since 2016

By treating your home with professional waterproofing treatments from a team of certified experts, you are sure to see a range of benefits. Other than the peace of mind, you can also be safe with the knowledge that we’ll have your back year after year with annual maintenance and follow-ups, as well as being available for calls/concerns every day.

Other noticeable benefits include improved air quality, reduced energy bills, and the ability to start utilizing the basement for storage and living. Meanwhile, this is a project that will actively protect the property and boost the value of the family home in the process.

In conclusion, basement waterproofing through internal sealing is a quick and affordable way to treat existing problems or prevent future issues; as well as making it easier to set things up for our free annual maintenance and addressing any further issues.

Waterproof Your Basement Today

If your home has been affected by summer storms or winter dry air, Sedona Waterproofing Solutions has you covered. Call Sedona Waterproofing Solutions at 704-960-7906 today for a free consultation to discuss the options and gain a free quote!

We’ll keep your space as dry as the desert.