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Basement Waterproofing, Mold Remediation and Crawl Space Repair in Mooresville

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If your insulation is soggy or rotting, give Sedona Waterproofing Solutions a call!

On the hunt for a trustworthy and professional basement or crawl space waterproofing service in Mooresville, NC? Then look no further than Sedona Waterproofing Solutions. Offering a 24/7 service throughout the state of North Carolina, they also offer a thorough mold remediation service, annual maintenance and are there to help if you are facing a waterproofing emergency.

If you’re facing waterproofing or repair issues with your home in Mooresville, Sedona Waterproofing is here for you. From pump and drain installations to general

Crawl Space Encapsulation and Repair

If you have noticed that your crawl space or your basement is suffering from mold or that the wooden structure is starting to rot because of the moisture that exists within it, call Sedona who will come to your home and investigate. To ensure we’re providing the correct services, we study to create a blueprint specific to your needs, as well as what is best for your home’s long-term health.

Sedona Waterproofing’s team of top experts will walk you through every step of the process accordingly. We pride ourselves in putting our customer’s minds at ease, and our reviews reflect such a fact!

Cleanliness and Care That Doesn’t Break the Bank

Our process begins by investigating the affected area and analyzing the extent of the damage. Once they have thoroughly inspected the area, they will clear the mold-infested materials from your property. Afterward, we perform a chemical cleaning process that kills mold and adds a coat of protection for the future. To make sure that the mold spores are removed, we use state-of-the-art vacuums and cleaning supplies. Finally, we finish with double and triple inspections to make sure all mold has been eradicated.

Sedona Waterproofing Solutions offers free estimates, and will discuss your home’s needs and the budget required. We care about your space and the best solutions possible; at Sedona, we make sure to get it right the first time.

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Contact Sedona Waterproofing Solutions today and ask them for a quote. Have a look on Google or on their website at the reviews and case studies. Everyone cares what others think of a service, and this is a great indication of their excellent services and their efficiency.