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If you’re in Winston-Salem, your home might be at risk of storm and water damage. If your home has been affected by water damage, Sedona Waterproofing Solutions has got you covered. With an expertly trained team that offers a variety of repair and basement solutions, Sedona Waterproofing prides itself on their affordability and wide range of payment and treatment options.

Storms can carry a variety of hassles after the rain has stopped. Whether you’re dealing with a mold infestation, increased humidity, or you just want some peace of mind about your health, Sedona Waterproofing is there for you.

Encapsulations, Mold Removal and More!

If you’re having repeats of water damage in your home, encapsulation might be right for you. Encapsulations increase the value of your home by ensuring ahead of time that your home is free of mold and bacteria.

Encapsulation will also help control and maintain the temperature in your house. Sometimes, if moisture has leaked into the house, the temperature can be affected due to lack of air flow being blocked by water. Encapsulations and vapor barrier installations ensure such issues are stopped at the source.

Mold Remediation

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At Sedona Waterproofing; all our projects are custom-made for your home!

Black mold is a health hazard, and can cause allergic reactions in your home. Fortunately, Sedona Waterproofing has the best mold removal in the business!

Our remediation process includes an initial area investigation, removal of the damaged insulation, a clearance of the materials, a chemical cleaning process that also uses a HEPA vacuum to get rid of the mold spore and a thorough clean. As well as vacuuming, our trained staff replaces all affected wood and insulation as cleaning proceeds. When finished, installation of additional devices and an included humidity monitor, along with annual maintenance, will ensure your home stays mold free.

Repair With A Variety of Budgets

As well as free inspections, Sedona Waterproofing works with whatever budget you have in mind for your home. We pride ourselves in an honest approach and communication every step of the way.

Want to find out more about what Sedona Waterproofing Solutions can do for you? Call them and receive a free quote! We can also arrange an investigation of your home for free.

Check out Sedona Waterproofing Solutions today! We keep your basement dry as a desert.