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Basement Structural Repair

Crawl Space and Basement Structural Repair in Charlotte, NC

Sedona Waterproofing Solutions in North Carolina provides crawl space and basement structural repair to ensure your basement is safe, waterproof, and leveled.

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Foundation Problems Are Every Homeowner’s Nightmare

As a homeowner, one thing you don’t want to hear is that your home has foundation problems. This poses a lot of questions about structural damage, family safety, repair expenses, and more. The problem with foundation issues is they only get worse over time. If ignored, they can lead to safety hazards and water intrusion. Not to mention this can negatively impact your home’s value.

If you notice any bowing basement walls, foundation cracks, mold or mildew growth, water leaks, or other signs of foundation problems, contact Sedona Waterproofing Solutions right away. We can help with any crawl space and basement structural repairs, such as subfloor repair, joist repair, girder repair, and replacement, or any other foundation repair needed.

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Possible Foundation Problems Any Home May Have

The layers of soil below your home’s foundation can shrink, washout, or loosen, causing the foundation to crack. Some foundation issues are easy to recognize, such as large cracks, while others are not that obvious.

Our crew addresses basement issues individually, using the most durable highest quality materials to provide the repairs or replacements necessary. Repairs may be necessary for mold and mildew, pest removal, flooding, and standing water, or condensation problems from HVAC units and walls. We also tend to moisture seeping through floors and walls and insulation falling from the rim joist or band joist.

Customized Structural Repair Solutions

Each house has unique problems, and our professional structural advisors will create a customized plan based on your home’s needs. Below are some of the structural repair solutions Sedona Waterproofing Solutions can provide.

Subfloor Repair or Replacement

The subfloor supports the floor of your house, providing it with a stable and flat surface. If it’s compromised, it can affect the integrity of your home.

If your subfloor needs replacing, we can utilize methods that aren’t intrusive. Our methods ensure the repairs are completed in a timely fashion, saving you money along the way. However, if you have severe damage to your subfloor that can’t be accessed from underneath, then we can provide you with a full replacement of your subfloor.

Beam Replacement

If there’s been a lot of damage to the beams in your crawl space or basement, they’ll likely need to be replaced. Replacing them reinforces the stability of your home. A sign that your beams are weak is spongy or bouncy floors. These issues can be remedied by replacing the beams.

We’ll use a girder beam and floor joists to increase the stability of your flooring. A girder beam can handle the heavier loads and is used as the structural support for other, smaller joists and beams.

It’s the main beam in your home and the strongest and larger beam of any structure. The floor joists rest on the girder beam, sharing the load with the exterior foundation walls. When we evaluate your home, we’ll determine if replacing the beams will increase the integrity of your flooring.

Support Jack System

Another solution we can provide you uses pole jacks to stabilize your basement space. Pole jacks can support your failing structure, and lift falling beams or floor joists to restore them to their normal position. In addition to getting your floor back to its normal position, it’ll stop it from moving even further.

Pole jacks are an effective method for lifting and stabilizing a space. They can support vertical loads that are over 60,000 pounds, making them a great option for non-invasive repairs. Pole jacks are portable, making them easy to install in tight spaces.

Concrete CMU Piers

Cinder blocks, or concrete masonry units, are another method used in basement structural repairs. They’re an effective and economical foundation solution that is used often to carry heavy loads. Our advisors can install concrete CMU piers to help repair your basement structure.

Another great feature of concrete CMU piers is that they’re fire-resistant. They’re also available in different grades of strength and thickness. When the concrete masonry unit is created, it goes through a curing process. The curing process ensures the concrete masonry unit gets stronger over time.

For our experienced team, concrete masonry units are easy to install and require very little maintenance for you as a homeowner. The structure of the blocks is hollow, which allows us to add in rebar for extra durability and strength.

Whatever your issue is, our team has the experience and products to give you the best solution available. Avoid costly repairs by contacting Sedona Waterproofing Solutions today.

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Benefits of Structural Repairs

One benefit of structural repairs is it increases your home’s value during appraisal. This is because your entire home is affected by the foundation condition. Any damages or weaknesses can put your house at risk. The appraisal value highly depends on the severity and type of damage.

Another benefit is once you fix the foundation, you can start making other home repairs since it doesn’t make sense to finish the basement when your foundation is damaged. You wouldn’t want to install new windows without stopping the foundation from moving. Even adding a patio, deck, or walkway would require repairing the foundation first. And, the sooner you do the repairs, the less expensive it will be.

How Our Process Works

When you contact us, we will send a professional structural advisor out to your house to assess the damage. The advisor will be fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to find out how much foundation movement has occurred. If the foundation has shifted or dropped, we may recommend using support jacks and jack posts to level your home.

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Let Sedona Waterproofing Solutions help transform your basement from a damp rotted space to a safe comfortable place. We can also make use of your home’s uninhabitable crawl space area by adding infrastructure equipment to it such as a water heater, water filtration system, HVAC unit, or electrical plumbing.

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