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Repairing your Crawl Space

Crawl Space Repair Charlotte NC
Crawl Space Repair, Encapsulation, Insulation and Vapor Barrier in Charlotte NC


Crawl spaces are disgusting areas which may contain odors, standing water or even insects and animals, places nobody wants to be in right?

Crawl space encapsulation helps to prevent both mold and moisture problems. Most indoor air quality issues in homes begin in one place – the crawl space. Crawl spaces that are not encapsulated are subject to wood rot, termite and bug infestations and ruined insulation. Our team of skilled service technicians changes all of those things. Our skilled staff will clean your home’s crawl space we will put down a waterproofing industry standard sealed liner on the floor and walls. We can make a transformation to the space at the completion of the project.

The Sedona Waterproofing Solutions team is able to excavate trenches all around the perimeter of your crawl space and install a recognized French drain system. This trench will lead the water flow to a sump pump installation. The location placement of this pump this is to where we will make the water gravitate and collect to and be exited to the outside. Water infiltration coming in will have no choice but to flow through our drain system. By installing this system this will allow us to make sure any of the water coming in, is going right back out.

Why our crawlspace encapsulation process includes a sump pump:


It does the heavy lifting to keep your crawl space dry

This electrically powered device does the heavy lifting to keep your crawl space dry. It pumps water out after the water collects in a sump pit recessed into the floor of the crawl space.

Your sump pump setup doesn’t have to be an eyesore

Instead of being installed in an ugly open hole, your sump pump can be housed in a durable plastic sump liner with an airtight cover.



Utilizing one is part of a well-design system

Utilizing a sump pump is actually part of a well-designed system with top-quality components that work together to keep your crawl space Sedona Waterproofing Solutions dry.


Every crawl space is different, which is why we at Sedona Waterproofing Solutions will custom design a solution for each individual home and there are several methods available to encapsulate a crawl space. We only use the highest quality & the most durable materials on the market. We pride ourselves on the aesthetic of the final product. That is why we install for the areas top builders & remodelers. Our dedicated crawl space team only installs sealed crawl spaces and the same crew will stay on your project from start to finish