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Crawl Space Encapsulation

  • Client:Concord, NC
  • Date:December 07, 2015
  • Info: Crawl Space Seal and Encapsulation with Dehumidifier
Crawl Space Encapsulation, Vapor Barrier

Having a leaking or damaged crawl space could be costing your home budget hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year by being inefficient. A crawl space during the summer months is warmer than it should be. As the unvented and untreated warm air raises and making your HVAC unit run around the clock increasing your home’s operating costs. The opposite effect occurs during the winter months when it’s cold, we are allowing in the cold outside air and running the furnace resulting in raising our electricity bill.

How Sedona Waterproofing Solutions would prevent this problem is to seal and encapsulate your Home’s crawl space. We will remove the insulation from the structure’s floor joists and insulate the walls with an efficient R-16 value insulation or as required by the Building Codes in your area. How much savings you can expect can be anywhere between 15% to 30% every year. In time, you can expect to recover your waterproofing expenses and then some due to the savings of an efficient modern system.

Crawl space encapsulation helps to prevent both mold and moisture problems. Most indoor air quality issues in homes begin in one place – the crawl space. Crawlspaces that are not encapsulated are subject to wood rot, termite and bug infestations and ruined insulation. Our team of skilled service technicians changes all of those things. Our skilled staff will clean your home’s crawl space we will put down a waterproofing industry standard sealed liner on the floor and walls . We can make a transformation to the space at the completion of the project.

The addition of a dehumidifier will pull the moisture into itself mechanically and blow out dry air into the crawl space. The dehumidifier drainage water extracted from the area will dump into a installed condensation pump and will be permanently removed out of your crawl space area. This modification and equipment will keep your entire crawl space area at around a 50% to 60% humidity. Ideally, you want some relative humidity in the air, but now you will be able to control it and that’s exactly what a dehumidifier installation by Sedona Waterproofing Solutions will do for you. The humidity of your crawl space should always be below 65%, to prevent moisture and molds from forming. Of course you want your crawl space to be a clean extension of your home and working efficiently. That’s why we don’t just work to keep water out of your crawl space, we also control the humidity, clean the air, improve energy efficiency, to install finished industry standard materials that are durable, attractive and immune to mold and moisture damage.