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14 Common Misconceptions About Basement Waterproofing

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Basement waterproofing is often misunderstood. In fact, you’ve probably run into various misconceptions about basement waterproofing or basement repair. Today, we bust all the common myths about this service: 

It’s too expensive

This is the number one misconception about basement waterproofing. The benefits you see from it makes it one of the most cost-effective investments out there. 

Waterproof paint does the job

Covering your basement foundations in waterproof paint will not provide the same job as professional basement waterproofing. In fact, this will just lead to more leaks!

It won’t stop floods

Yes, it will! If your basement waterproofing doesn’t prevent flooding or water leaks, then that’s because it wasn’t done by experienced professionals. 

Not all basements can be waterproofed

Not true. Some basements don’t respond to the same waterproofing techniques as others. However, there are still other solutions to provide expert waterproofing. 

All waterproofing does is misdirect water

While it’s true that a lot of waterproofing solutions direct water away from your home, that’s not all this service provides. In fact, we also focus on protecting your basement itself. 

Damp areas are left as they are

Again, not true. If your basement has already suffered water damage, then we remove or service these moist areas. As such, you get a nice dry basement that’s ready for anything. 

Your basement repair provider won’t contact you ever again

Once your basement has been repaired and is waterproof, then that’s it, right? Wrong, you’re always open to contact our company, and we’ll provide tips on how you ensure your basement waterproofing remains intact. 

It damages the structure of your home

Nope. If anything, it helps improve the structure by preventing water leaks and preserving the health of your foundations. 

All basement waterproofing costs the same

The cost of a basement waterproofing service depends on the state of your basement, the size of it, how at risk it is of flooding, etc. As such, prices will vary from client to client. 

Lots of maintenance is required

On the contrary, professional basement waterproofing requires almost no maintenance at all. 

It will only last 10 years

False. Waterproofing paints or primers may only last this long, but a proper basement repair service will last for many more decades. 

The job takes forever

It may take some time for the full job to be finished – but this is to ensure the best results are seen. However, it shouldn’t take longer than a few days and certainly won’t last months. 

Any contractors or plumbers can handle this job

Basement waterproofing is a complex task. As such, only choose a company that specializes in this line of work and has years of experience behind them – like us!

You don’t need basement waterproofing

Even if you live somewhere that sees minimal rainfall, it’s still recommended you have this service. Why? Because it helps prevent water damage and leaks caused by underground piping and sewage. So, yes, you do need basement waterproofing. 

Hopefully, we’ve taught you a thing or two about this service. If your basement needs repairs and you want to completely waterproof it, then contact us today. Give us a call at 704-960-7906, and we’ll schedule a consultation where we provide a free quote.