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8 Tips To Help Spot Foundation Damage Early

Foundation Damage Concord NC

The statistics say that 42 percent of homeowners have delayed repairs due to inflation! Rising inflation is one of the main reasons why repairs to the foundation of your home can be costly.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to try to recognize the signs of foundation damage before it gets out of hand. If you spot damage before it spreads you have the potential to save thousands of dollars.

If you’re wondering how to look for foundation damage, here’s a closer look at the main signs.

1. Door and Window Problems

One of the main things that can happen when your foundation is giving way is that your doors and windows may be difficult to shut. As your foundation starts to move it can make the frames of your doors and windows distorted.

This makes it difficult for you to latch the doors and windows securely. Eventually, you may not be able to latch them at all.

You may even think that you need to replace your windows and doors only to find out that it is your foundation that is a problem.

2. Floors and Ceilings that Sag

Take a look at how your ceiling and your floor look. If they are warped in any way then it may be a sign that something is wrong with your foundation. When your foundation starts moving it can impact the support beams in your home.

This can cause the weight of your home to be evenly placed on your foundation. One of the main signs that you will notice is that your flooring becomes slanted. Once you see this you can start monitoring it.

If you notice that it’s getting worse over time you should get professional help to deal with your foundation.

3. Musty Smells In the Basement

Your basement is the closest area of your home to your foundation. When there is damage to your foundation you may notice you start having musty smells. These odors are often caused by mildew.

This indicates that there is leakage happening in the walls of your basement. The musty smell may be the result of all the plumbing that you need to fix but it could also be due to moisture seeping into the cracks of a deteriorating foundation.

You also need to check your gutters because problems with them are usually one of the major reasons why you’re having foundation issues in your basement. Make sure that they are unblocked and that water is draining away from your foundation to prevent further water damage.

4. Moldy Areas In Corners

Another telltale sign that you may be having foundation problems is when you look in the corners of your windows and your walls and see mold developing. This is usually a sign that water is seeping into your foundation.

Mold is synonymous with moisture, so once you see this happening, it is a giveaway that foundation issues are happening.

5. Cracks In Your Drywall

Cracked dry walls are another symptom of foundational problems. You may notice that there are diagonal cracks on your walls. There may also be vertical cracks.

While vertical cracks are not necessarily a cause for concern, a lot of cracks over a specific period are an indicator that there is something wrong with the foundation of your home.

When the foundation starts slipping and pulling apart, it is only natural that your walls will display cracks.

6. Kitchen Cupboard Issues

When you have foundational problems you may notice that you are cupboards and even your counters are separating from the wall. Things that were once securely attached may start becoming loose.

This is one of the clear indicators that something is wrong with your flooring and it is seeping into your walls.

When your floors and walls are not level it can cause your cupboards and cabinets attached to the floor in your kitchen and even your bathroom to start becoming detached.

You may also notice that they look slanted. This is another clear indicator that something is very wrong with your foundation. You need to get it checked out as soon as possible, failure to do this can be detrimental.

7. Warping In Your Sidings

When the siding in your home starts becoming warped it is usually a sign that something has gone wrong with your foundation. Your sidings may start to crack or warp. They may even buckle from the moisture affecting the foundation of your home.

You may notice that there are gaps between the planks of your siding too. This is another sure sign that something is going on with your foundation.

8. Sinking Areas In the Yard

Take a look at how the ground around your house looks compared to other areas in your yard. If the area around the home is sinking,  there is something wrong with your foundation.

This sinking is usually a clear indicator that the soil is shifting under your home.

Take Care of Foundation Damage

With all the signs in and around your home that indicate foundation damage, you should be able to spot the signs quickly. There is little doubt that spotting the signs early can prevent you from having to do costly repairs.

Once you notice that something is wrong you should investigate it as closely as possible. Doing your investigation ahead of calling a professional, will help you to have information ready for them. This information will help them to find the root cause of the problem more quickly.

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