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Combining Sump Pumps and Battery Backup Systems

Sump Pumps Charlotte, NC

Basements are great because they add plenty of cheap square footage to your home. But the problem is that many basements are prone to flooding. A flooded basement will become a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and other unwanted things.

Basements flood because they are so low in the ground. Water naturally flows into them because it doesn’t have anywhere else to go. But this is why sump pumps exist.

But even sump pumps can have problems. If there is a power outage, an ordinary sump pump will no longer function. This would make your flooding basement problem worse.

The key to this is to have a battery backup system. But how does this system work, and how can you know if it’s a good choice for you? Keep reading and learn more about how it works below.

Why Your Sump Pump Needs a Battery Backup System

A sump pump has one simple job: to keep your basement dry. Sump pumps are usually installed under your basement floor. This ensures that the pump doesn’t get in the way and isn’t visible.

It keeps your basement dry by pumping the water sitting inside the basement back out. A sump pump can detect when there is too much water in the area because it has valves that detect increases in water pressure. Since the pump is under the basement, the basin in which it rests will flood before the basement.

As the water gets higher, the pump will start pumping the water out of the area. This ensures that the water never has a chance to reach your basement. This will keep your basement dry and in good shape.

The sump pump works automatically. This ensures that there is no need for you to activate it or fiddle with it to make it work. Most ordinary sump pumps are powered by electricity.

This type of pump usually works without fail. But there will be a problem if the power goes out. A power outage is not an uncommon event during a storm.

The Downside of Ordinary Sump Pumps

If a power outage occurs, your sump pump will stop removing water from the basement. Your basement will instead start flooding with water, and there is nothing you can do about it as long as the power is out. This excess water may do permanent damage to your basement.

Repairs can be expensive, but you can avoid them with battery backup pumps. Having a backup battery is a sure way to keep your basement dry, even when there is a power outage. Suppose there is a torrential downpour threatening to flood your basement and the power goes out.

A normal sump pump wouldn’t stand a chance against this problem. But a pump with a backup battery would kick in as soon as the power goes out. This ensures that the pump keeps running, no matter what happens.

This is important if you live in an area that often receives bad storms. This option will do a much better job of keeping your basement dry. Any belongings you have in your basement will stay safe too.

But not all backup battery sump pumps are built the same. This is why it is important to choose the right one.

Combination Sump Pump and Battery Systems

If you want to get a sump pump with a battery system, you should choose one that lasts a long time. Different battery backup systems have different limitations. They are also powered by different things.

Some backup batteries may suck power directly from the power grid. When there is an electrical outage, the battery can then use the energy that it has stored. Some battery systems use solar power.

But this option is not feasible if you do not have solar panels. The battery’s power will correlate with the sump pump’s power. If the battery doesn’t have much energy left in it, the sump pump will become less efficient at pumping out water.

But as long as the battery is packed with energy, the sump pump should drain the water without a problem. This is why it is important to choose a battery system with a very powerful battery.

How It Works

There is no way of knowing how long a power outage will last.

Many of them last around 30 minutes to an hour. But in a bad storm, an outage may last several days. Most normal battery systems won’t last that long.

They may last a few hours before they run out of juice and your basement floods. But if you choose an extra-powerful battery, the system might continue for a day or two. The battery system might last longer if it is hooked up to a generator.

You should also look for a battery sump pump system with advanced features. Some will alert your phone if the battery is running low. Others may send you a text if there is something wrong with the sump pump.

These details make the system far more efficient. Choosing the right combination sump pump system will make your life far easier, and it will keep your basement dry.

All About Sump Pumps and Battery Backup Systems

Sump pumps are great for keeping your basement dry, but most of them won’t work if the power goes out. This is why it is important to get a battery backup system for your basement. This ensures that your basement will stay dry, no matter what.

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