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Easy Ideas to Level Up Your Finished Basement

Finished Basement

Did you know that 60% of homeowners have an area in their home they don’t want you to see because they’re embarrassed? It’s not surprising that for many people the basement has the dubious honor of falling into that category!

Basements are often a big open place with an ugly slab of dirty concrete for a floor. They’re impromptu playrooms, craft areas, and storage rooms.

As Covid heads into its second year with many people still sheltering in place, it’s no wonder people are investing in basement upgrades.

Do you have a finished basement that could use a little love? Are you looking to finish your basement?

Keep reading for some easy ideas for leveling up that big space under the house.

Waterproof First

A word of caution before you start. If you’re investing a big chunk of money into your basement, it’s a great idea to waterproof it first. You don’t want to end up a few years down the road with a huge renovation on your hands because you’ve got mold, mildew, and other water issues.

Waterproofing adds value if you decide to sell. It also keeps dust, dirt, and allergens to a minimum. It’s especially important if you’re only finishing one area of the basement and leaving the rest unfinished. Here’s what to expect from a waterproofing company.

Paint the Exposed Ceiling

Painting the exposed ceiling is a great idea for a partially or fully finished basement. Leaving the ceiling exposed gives you added height and easy accessibility to plumbing and electricity.

The go-to color for painting most ceilings is white because it reflects light and gives the room a bigger feel. If you’re looking for the illusion of depth and an industrial feel, be bold and paint the ceiling black.

Paint all the fixtures, pipes, and ducts so they blend into the ceiling. Painting is also much more affordable than a drop ceiling made with ceiling tiles. It also works great if your ceiling is low since a drop ceiling might put the ceiling below height for local codes.

Add Floating Floors

What are floating floors? They’re made from engineered materials and typically fit together with tongue and groove.

Floating floors aren’t attached to walls or subfloor and “float” on top of the concrete. This is good for a basement because floating floors are less likely to buckle if the cement contracts or expands over time with changing temperatures.

Since the floors float on top of the subfloor, it also makes them more insulated from the cold, so the floors are warmer. There are lots of different types of floating floors from which to choose, from carpet tiles to wood veneers, to cork.

Add a Home Theater

If you love movies, adding a home theater is a great finished basement idea. Most basements are darker than the rest of the home since they’re partially underground. This makes a basement the perfect place to watch your movies without glare on the T.V.

Add a raised floor, a couple of rows of comfy recliners, and recessed lights for dimmable lighting. Use a large-screen TV or even a projector and screen if you have enough space.

Add a Guest Suite

A guest suite is a great idea for giving your guests some privacy and perfect for your family when there aren’t any guests. The room doesn’t need to be large but should include a full bathroom.

Also, include a partial kitchen with a mini-fridge, sink, and two-burner stove if your city’s code allows. This is the perfect space for storing extra snacks and pantry items for your upstairs kitchen too.

A Wine Room or Bar

Level up your finished basement’s extra living space with a wine room or bar. If you’re a wine aficionado, the basement is the perfect place for storing wine. Most basements stay cool year-round.

Not into wine? How about a wet bar? You can keep it minimal with a countertop, fridge, and cabinets against the wall.

Looking for more of a focal point? Put a full wrap-around countertop bar with plenty of stools and hanging glass racks. A full bar adds tons of cabinet storage in the middle of the room.

A Home Gym

Trying to get in shape? How about adding a home gym?

Go high end with a Peloton, treadmill, and weight machines, or keep it simple with a few sets of free weights, kettlebells, and yoga mats. Rubber mats are a great flooring option for the basement, and they’re also affordable. They’re cushion for your feet and protect the floor from heavy gym equipment.

The Perfect Craft Room

Do your crafts and hobbies get in the way and take up too much space in bedrooms and living rooms? A finished basement is a perfect place for all those crafts and hobbies.

Painting the floor with epoxy is a great upgrade and makes cleanup a breeze. There are lots of finishes from which to choose, including faux stone.

Epoxy also offers a tough finish while hiding imperfections. It’s also stain-resistant.

Try a Glass Door

Do you have a daylight basement that leads to the outside? Trade out the regular exterior door for one with a full glass panel inset. This lets loads of light into the basement and makes for an instant upgrade.

Make sure the glass is heavy-duty with at least a double pane so you won’t let precious heat out through the glass. If you have the room, a big sliding-glass door is another great way of letting lots of light into the basement.

The Perfect Finished Basement

The perfect finished basement is whatever works best for your needs. Waterproof it first so you start with a good foundation.

Identify your priorities and go from there. From a guest suite to an adult hangout, the sky’s the limit!

What are you going to do with your finished basement? Are you doing a basement remodel? Need help with waterproofing the basement? Give us a call!