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Encapsulate Before it’s Too Late!

waterproofing your crawl space

Read about how encapsulation can benefit your crawl space during the historical rainy season we’re experiencing here in North Carolina.

Rainfall records were shattered in North Carolina during 2018 and the overall pattern suggests that we can expect above average precipitation well into March of 2019. In addition to the obvious impact on mood and outdoor activities, excess rainfall can cause flooding or moisture in your crawl spaces.

Encapsulation is the first step in waterproofing and will help in keeping the lowest level of your home dry, amidst the rain we’ve been seeing and expect to see. More than likely, your problem will begin with the rain water ending up in pools right next to the foundation of your home. Some of that water will evaporate, some will soak into the soil and the rest may find its way into your crawl space by seeping in the foundation walls through any cracks you may have in your foundation. How can you prevent this?

Crawl space encapsulation

Flooding, wood rot, mold, mildew growth, and pest infestations are common effects of a crawl space that isn’t protected by encapsulation.. The benefits of choosing to invest in getting your crawl space encapsulated are abundant:

  •  air quality in your home will dramatically increase
  •  insects are less likely to be able to sneak their way into your home,
  •  it provides your home with greater energy efficiency,
  •  creates an environment that mold and mildew simply could not survive in and
  •  automatically increases the value of your home in the event you ever plan on selling.

Think you might need to have your crawl space encapsulated?

Our team of skilled service technicians at Sedona Waterproofing will custom design a solution for each individual home and there are several methods available to encapsulate a crawl space.

By choosing Sedona Waterproofing Solutions as your moisture damage and prevention experts, you’re entrusting a company with years of experience in the industry and that genuinely cares about you and your family breathing cleaner and healthier air in your home. True to our word and tagline, “We Keep Charlotte Basements and Crawl Spaces Dry as a Desert!” Contact us today and inquire about receiving a free inspection or free quote.