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The Costs and Consequences of Putting Off Home Foundation Repair

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While foundation problems result from several causes such as shifting soil or poor construction, it is a considerable concern for people who live in old homes. If you live in an old house or planning to buy one, it’s good to have the foundation inspected because a bad foundation can be dangerous.

Foundation problems should never be ignored. Those small crack and chips that you might have noticed in your houses’ foundation can become more pronounced over time. Any damage to the foundation will allow water to leak into the structure, causing it to weaken and encourage the growth of mold.

The cost of foundation repairs depends on labor, material costs, how bad the damage is, and more. There are other additional costs like licenses and inspections that you should also factor in.

Let’s take a closer look at some repair options and how much they cost:

1. Foundation Cracks Repair

Cracks on the foundation that do not affect the building can be fixed easily. Repairing cracks can involve injecting silicone, epoxy, polyurethane foam, or any other patching material. If they are wet and leaking, then waterproofing will also be necessary.

If the crack is wider than 1/8”, you may want to consult a structural engineer to know the best options available for you. The engineer will help you understand if the structure is shifting or sinking because of too much pressure, and if it is safe to continue staying in the house. Minor cracks repair can cost as low as $250, and significant cracks can cost up to $800.

2. Foundation Leaks Repair

Repairing a leak is more extensive than fixing a crack; the first thing involved is waterproofing to ensure that moisture does not seep into the building during the repairing process.

A foundation excavator is then used to dig around the structure’s foundation to install a tile drain. The large cracks that allow water to leak are then filled with fresh cement. The structure will also be coated with a sealant and wrapped with waterproof materials.

Foundation repair involves a lot of materials, labor equipment, and time. The cost can range from $2000 to $6000, and it is all worth it if it means having a stable home.

3. Settling and Sinking Repair

To repair a sinking foundation, technicians will first raise the house and then secure it using piers or mud jacking. This will help restore the structure to its first height. A sinking foundation is a significant issue that should be dealt with immediately because further settling only leads to instability.

It is always almost impossible to know if your foundation is settling until you have it inspected. There are also other signs that can help you see if you have a structural or foundation problem.

The cost to repair a settling foundation will be determined by how far it has to be raised and what kind of structure it is. Raising a house that has a basement is different from raising one that has a slab or a crawl space.

It is best to hire professionals so that you can get high-quality work done. Pier foundation repairs can cost around $1,000 to $3,000 per unit, while mudjacking will cost $500 to $1,300.

4. Bowing Basement Walls Repairs

Bowing basement walls are mostly caused by excess moisture around the home and poor soil conditions. Regardless of whether you are dealing with weak fill, insufficient drainage, or expansive clay, you want to make sure that you repair them the right way. This is because bowling walls can cause your home to settle, and they also lower the value of your home.

Although you can use steel bars to reinforce the walls, bowling walls should always be fixed before the need to reinforce them. Steel bars, even though worthwhile, are costly.

Contractors will also treat the soil around your home with clay or any other stabilizer and bracing before any reinforcement is added to the walls. The cost of fixing bowling walls might cost anywhere from $350 to $1000.

Foundation Repair Techniques

Foundation repair contractors use several different techniques to ensure high-quality work. The method used will also depend on the work that should be done. Some of the techniques include:

Sealing: The sealing process has various facets and can cost between $2,000 and $6,000. An engineer must inspect the foundation to avoid any extra charges.

Piering & Underpinning: Only certified contractors use this technique. It involves putting piers under the house to lift it up to its original level.

Stabilizing: The primary materials used in this technique are steel-and-carbon fiber. Carbon is lightweight and ideal for minor repairs. Stabilizing a house can set you back anywhere from $4,000 to $12,000.

Leveling & Slab Jacking: This is where a mixture of grout is forced into air pockets that usually form under the foundation. Gout will then float and bring the foundation to its original level. This technique can cost around $500-$1,300.

Hire Experts for Quality Home Foundation Repair

A foundation is the cornerstone of your home. It should remain stable at all times. Be vigilant so that you can notice any signs of weakness or damages and call a home foundation repair expert near you and have it fixed.

If you are dealing with a weak or damaged foundation, you can count on us here at Sedona Waterproofing Solutions for expert services. Our technicians are well trained and will offer high-quality professional services and help you decide on the best repair for your home.

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