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Tips on How to Choose the Best Waterproofing Company for the Job

Waterproofing Company

In the United States, 14,000 people deal with a water damage emergency each year. This water damage is especially common in basements, with 98% of basements experiencing some type of water damage.

One thing that can help you protect your home from flooding and water damage is hiring a basement waterproofing company. Finding the best waterproofing company will ensure that your basement is protected and that you get the highest quality services.

Do you need help choosing a professional waterproofing company? Keep reading this guide for the top tips to follow when choosing a company to work with!

Find a Licensed and Insured Company

Before you hire a contractor to work in your home, you must make sure that they are licensed and insured. Having a business license is a legal requirement for contractors. So, make sure your waterproofing company has gone through the right channels to become qualified to provide waterproofing services.

This way, you can feel confident that they know what they are doing and that they will provide you with high-quality services.

Similarly, you need to find a company that is insured. If something goes wrong during your waterproofing service, a licensed company will protect you financially. This way, you will not be liable for any injuries or property damage that occurs during the services.

Make sure you hire a company that is fully insured and has several types of coverage. This includes general liability insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and more.

Ask About Experience

Once you are certain that your waterproofing company is licensed and insured, you should ask them about their experience in the industry. This way, you can learn more about their track record.

How long have they been in business? Do they have plenty of knowledge and experience surrounding basement waterproofing?

A company that has been serving your local community for years will likely provide higher-quality services and better customer service. They will also likely provide higher-quality services than a company that is newer to the industry.

Prioritize Reputation

Not only do you need to find a company that has experience in the industry, but you need to find one that has a great reputation in your local community. When a company has a great reputation, it shows that they care about its clients and are willing to go the extra mile.

First, you can check the online reviews for each waterproofing company. Do they have high-quality testimonials from past clients? Do you notice any red flags when reading the reviews?

You can also find a company with a great reputation by asking local friends or family members for recommendations. If they hired someone to waterproof their basement and had a good experience, you will likely have a good experience as well.

Ask About Warranties

When it comes to your basement waterproofing, you cannot afford to pay for low-quality services. To ensure that your property and belongings are protected, you should find a company that offers warranties on their products and services.

Finding a company that offers a transferrable lifetime warranty on their services shows that they are confident in the services that they provide. If anything goes wrong, they will be held financially responsible for any damage to your home.

Not only do you want a company that offers a warranty on their services, but you should also get a warranty on the materials they use. This way, you can feel confident that your company is using the highest quality waterproofing materials in your home!

While a warranty may not be able to guarantee results, it can provide you with peace of mind if something goes wrong in the future.

Get Pricing Estimates

Next, you can get pricing estimates from several different waterproofing companies. Comparing quotes from different local companies will make it easier for you to find a company that fits your budget.

Still, you shouldn’t only consider price when you select a business to work with. Make sure you also consider the quality of their services to ensure that you get your money’s worth.

You should also avoid working with a company that offers quotes over the phone. To get an accurate pricing estimate, the contractor should conduct an in-person inspection of your basement.

This way, they can learn more about the extent of the issues with your basement and give you a more accurate estimate.

Schedule a Consultation

Finally, you should schedule a consultation with each of the businesses you are researching. Most waterproofing companies will offer free consultations. This makes it easy to interview your candidates.

Scheduling an interview will make it easier for you to ask each company about their services. You can discuss your questions and concerns and learn more about their process for basement waterproofing.

Meeting with each company in person will also help you identify potential red flags. If the company owner is rude or doesn’t listen to your concerns, you should find a new company to work with.

Looking for a Basement Waterproofing Company? We Can Help

When you are dealing with humid basements, finding a professional waterproofing company is essential to prevent water damage! Following each of these tips will make it easy to find a reliable basement waterproofing business to work with.

If you are looking for waterproofing services in North or South Carolina, Sedona Waterproofing Solutions can help! We specialize in basement waterproofing and repair and can help you keep your basement dry.

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