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Waterproof Basements: The Most Common Basement Waterproofing Myths

Waterproof Basements

The average cost of basement waterproofing is $4,539. The money you spend will depend on your project’s size (square feet).

Many people misunderstand waterproof basements because of the myths revolving around them. Unfortunately, the misconceptions prevent some homeowners from seeking help when their basements get flooded. Many even overlook the recommended basement waterproofing guide.

Proper basement waterproofing prevents moisture buildup. As a result, hazardous molds, mildew, and fungi fail to grow, preventing health concerns. Prevention of molds and mildew also means protecting your property’s value and integrity.

Do you know the common myths about waterproof basements? The following discussion debunks some of these myths and misconceptions.

Only Waterproof Where There Is Damage

The weakest spot can be anywhere on your basement floors or walls. So, issues like water leaking can happen anywhere in the basement.

You should not only waterproof the basement area with water leaks. Instead, focus on finding the root cause of the problem first. Then, waterproof the entire basement after addressing the root of the issue.

Correcting the root cause of the problem will prevent future leaking in your basement. Your waterproof basement will also last long.

Only Waterproof During Warmer Months

Professional basement contractors work all year-round. However, many believe winter and rainy seasons aren’t the best for basement waterproofing.

The truth is that you can waterproof your basement during any season. In fact, it is during rainy seasons you will quickly notice flooding in your basement.

Do not wait for the warmer months after flooding occurs. The longer you wait, the more water soaks into the basements, causing more damage.

Waterproofing Does Not Last

The belief that a waterproofed basement does not last is not true. Your basement waterproofing will last if it gets done by an expert. Several tips will help you hire professional basement waterproofing services.

For example, consider experience. Experienced basement waterproofing contractors have the necessary skills and expertise.

Warranty is also an important factor of consideration. A warranty will save you money if unexpected damages happen to your waterproofed basement.

Painting Basement Walls Will Fix Everything

Basement waterproofing is different from waterproof paint or coating. Waterproof coating only provides a temporary solution.

Note that waterproof coating does not prevent moisture absorption. So, the waterproof coating will still expose your basement walls to dampness.

Many homeowners believe that waterproof coating is better because of its affordability. Consider basement waterproofing for a lasting solution.

Foundation Settlement Is Normal

Many believe that it is normal for homes to settle. Home or foundation settlement happens when the soil beneath the home can’t support the property’s weight. Foundation settlement will occur in the form of unnoticed movements.

Weak soil causes foundation settlement. For example, sandy soils do not provide the necessary support to structural buildings. Soil drying, softening, wetting, and sinking can also cause foundation settlement.

There are signs of foundation settlement to check out. The first sign is cracking on your foundation walls. Basement walls that bow inwards are also a sign of the problem.

Ignoring the problem causes the risk of the property collapsing in the future. So, foundation settlement is not normal and should not be overlooked.

Hire a professional basement contractor once you notice the problem. Experts use quality products to waterproof and stabilize the basements.

Pipe and Gravel Drainage Is Good

Many basements have pipe and gravel drainage systems beneath them. The drainage system can damage your basement floor if it gets clogged.

Clogs like mud and sediments will cause water leaks in your basement. As a result, your basement structure will get damaged, subjecting you to repair expenses.

Your drainage system does not need to be beneath your waterproofed basement. Hire a professional to create a modern and effective basement drainage system.

Overlook Damp Areas

Some believe that damp basement areas should not be waterproofed. Unfortunately, the myth has seen many homeowners suffer various health complications from molds and mildew.

Waterproofing damp basements should not be a difficult task. First, dry the basement properly before contacting a basement contractor.

Dry basement walls and floors protect waterproof paint or coating from peeling off. The basement waterproofing process also becomes more convenient.

It Is a Costly Process

Many people fail to waterproof their basements because they fear incurring high costs. Basement waterproofing should not break your bank.

One of the basement waterproofing tips is creating a reasonable budget. Several things will determine the cost you incur on the project.

One of them is the basement contractor you hire. An experienced basement contractor should be affordable.

The size of your basement waterproofing project will also determine what you spend. Waterproofing a large basement is costly, and vice versa.

The severity of water damage will also determine the money you spend to waterproof your basement. Avoid extreme costs by first comparing estimates from several basement waterproof contractors.

Create a fitting budget once you get the average basement waterproofing costs. Avoid basement contractors not willing to give you a complete cost breakdown upfront.

Requires a Lot of Work

Waterproofing your basement is not a complex task. However, you must have the necessary skills to complete the project easily and fast.

DIY basement waterproofing is not the best idea. Instead, hire an expert to save time, money, and energy. So, don’t fail to waterproof your basement, fearing that the job will take forever to complete.

Requires a Lot of Maintenance

Some also believe that waterproof basements are hard to take care of. On the contrary, such basements are the easiest to clean.

Waterproof basements are resistant to moisture. As a result, they don’t develop molds and mildew, which make cleaning difficult.

Avoid Myths About Waterproof Basements

Waterproof basements offer many benefits. They prevent possible health risks and damage to properties.

Basement waterproofing is the way to go – don’t believe various myths about it.

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