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What Questions Should I Ask the Best Basement Waterproofing Company?

Basement Waterproofing

Are you considering having your basement waterproofed? Basement waterproofing is an essential service for homeowners with basements.

In 2019 flooding tropical storms and other flooding events cost the United States billions of dollars in damage. And one of the most common places in your home is your basement.

But there are measures you can take now such as basement waterproofing to reduce flood losses later. Basement waterproofing can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars in property damage.

Similar to hiring a roofer or any other necessary service for your home, you need to ask the right questions. Make sure the professional is highly qualified and offers the best basement waterproofing for your home.

These are the questions to ask basement waterproofing companies to protect your investment.

How Water Gets Into Your Basement

Before we go into the questions, it’s essential to know how water gets into your basement. Water can enter your basement through the following ways:

  • Through the sump or drainage system
  • Through windows and doors
  • When sewer lines under the house back up
  • Through cracks in floors and walls

Those are the major ways water can seep into your basement. And they’re more prevalent during rainstorms and hurricanes.

1. Are You Licensed and Insured?

Specific jobs like waterproofing will require a contractor to get a permit from the township where you live. This is one of the reasons why it’s necessary for the professional you hire to be licensed and insured.

The township or municipality in which you reside will require proof of your contractor’s license and insurance to approve a permit. To add, a licensed contractor must also take tests to obtain a license.

And should one of the workers get injured, you want to be sure your contractor has workman’s comp insurance.

2. How Long Have You Been in Business?

The number of years a company has been doing business can give you an idea about their level of expertise. You wouldn’t want to hire someone who has only been doing basement waterproofing for a year or two.

They would not have the experience to see the best systems that work over time. And they might not possess the expertise fixing the kind of issue you have in your home.

Ask the contractor how long they’ve been doing the waterproofing process they recommend for your home and discuss their successes or possible failures using this system.

An honest contractor will be upfront with you. Ask if this is the best long-term waterproofing solution.

3. Does Your Company Offer a Guarantee of the Work Performed?

There are many questions to ask about the guarantee of the work the contractor performs:

  • How many years is the warranty last?
  • Does the warranty cover labor and materials if there is an issue?
  • Has the company ever needed to come back out to service warranty coverage?
  • Does the sump pump have a lifetime warranty should it malfunction?
  • Do they offer a transferable lifetime warranty that will transfer to the second owner if you decide to sell your home?

It’s also important to ask the basement waterproofing professional to explain the contract in detail, especially if it’s written in confusing verbiage.

4. Can You Provide References from Satisfied Customers?

Contractors who have expertise in their business should have several happy customers they can refer you to. Ask if you can call them for a reference. You can also check the company’s website for testimonials.

But don’t make a decision based on their website testimonials alone. Also, check Google reviews and other online review sites. Ask to contact a customer who had work done years ago so you can see how the repairs are doing.

5. Do You Offer Waterproofing Outside The Home?

Experienced basement waterproofing contractors worth their salt will offer outdoor waterproofing. This can prevent outdoor water from heavy rainfall from entering your home.

Ask the company about the outdoor solutions that can help. If they don’t offer outdoor waterproofing, ask them why not.

Outdoor systems are typically more costly than doing work indoors, but they’re often the best solution if it’s in your budget.

6. What Is the Best Back-up System On the Market?

Ask the basement waterproofing company which back up system is the best. If a pump is required to produce lift, the best system will contain an automatic switch- over a propane generator or natural gas.

If your home is located in a high position, then a pump may not be necessary. Look out for the contractor who may try to sell you something you may not need.

7. What System Will You Install: Deep Channel or Level Footer?

Deep-channel systems have a reputation for being better than level-footer systems since water flows downhill. Your waterproofing system should have a high point positioned away from the sump pump.

If you live in an area that gets a lot of rainfall, go with a deep-channel system. Your installer knows this.

Level footer systems can have a reputation for failing. They can’t take heavy rainfall. While they might seem appealing because the price is lower, watch out for this recommendation to save money if you reside in an area that gets a lot of rainfall.

8. Do I Need An Entire System With An Issue in One Area?

If you have an issue in one particular area in your basement, it can usually be repaired in that specific location, especially if you have a poured basement.

On the other hand, if your basement contains a block wall, you’ll probably need to install an entire system. So be wary of the contractor who tries to sell you a complete system for your poured basement.

The Takeaway on Asking the Right Basement Waterproofing Questions

Now you’re armed with the right questions to ask basement waterproofing companies. The answers they provide you should enable you to choose the right professional to protect your home and property.

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