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What to Look For in a Basement Waterproofing Company

basement waterproofing

More than half of all homes contain moisture issues, according to the National Association of Home Builders. Basement waterproofing is an excellent solution for eliminating a damp smell and moisture in your home. Choosing the best basement waterproofing services for your home is critical to getting the job done right.

Things to look for when hiring a basement waterproofing contractor are credentials, reputation, and price. 

Here’s more on choosing a basement waterproofing services.


Seek out a contractor’s credentials for a basement waterproofing job. Where did they learn how to do the job?

Ask about how many jobs they’ve done in the past. Do they stumble on any problems, and how do they solve them?

Find out if your basement waterproofing contractor earned any special certifications or awards. Ask for the proper licenses and insurance. 

Be sure to ask for a portfolio that shows how the contractor deals with humid basements. What strategies did they use for the dampness in the basement? Pictures give a clearer picture of their work and the job they leave behind.


Shoddy work can cost you over the long term. If someone does a bad job, it will cost you more to fix the original problem.

Search online databases and reviews to find out what others say about a basement inspection and those who fix dampness in basements and do basement inspections. People are not shy about their opinion. You can find out both the good and bad in an online review. 

Ask family and friends who they can recommend about fixing humid basements. Your inner circle will be honest and trustworthy.


The average cost of a home renovation can cost $45,000. If basement waterproofing is part of your home renovation, the most expensive job isn’t always the best. 

Find out what’s included in the price. Will you receive a basement inspection before the process begins?

Be sure to get an estimate. A contract will spell out the exact services you’ll receive and expect.


Showing up on time and leaving behind a tidy workspace exemplify professionalism. You also want workers who dress properly. 

Ensure the contractor you are hiring comes with these qualities. 

Good communication skills are also crucial. If there’s an unexpected problem or cost overrun, it’s essential to know. Clear communication also helps get the job done right and promptly. 

What to Look For in a Basement Waterproofing Company

Several things to consider when hiring a basement waterproofing company include checking the proper credentials and seeking out their reputation. Also, be sure of the price. Professionalism is part of being a good contractor, too.

We are here to help clear up the mold, mildew, and dampness in your basement with the best waterproofing job. No longer will you have to worry about cleaning up after a heavy rain or water leak. Our professionals take care of the job in a short period!