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The Advanced Guide to Basement Foundation Waterproofing

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You could be sitting on exactly the extra space your home needs. Or perhaps you’re simply worried about the effects of erosion, often caused when the foundation of a home is left exposed to encroaching moisture. Whether you simply want to protect your home or you have plans for your basement, you need to start with a basement foundation waterproofing service.

Why Waterproof your Foundation 

Over time, water wears away at your foundation, sapping it of its strength. The foundation can begin to crack and crumble, which spells a great deal of trouble for the rest of the home. Those cracks can start appearing above ground level, you might notice that your home is starting to sink or find rising dampness that can be difficult and expensive to get rid of.

There are several reasons a basement can begin to suffer from moisture problems. Clay soil can expand and contract when wet, putting pressure on the foundation. Water can accumulate in backfill soils, pushing against the walls of the basement. These moisture problems can also be caused by leaks in the home, poor irrigation of the surrounding property, floods, and more. Whatever the cause, it becomes a serious problem when not treated effectively.

Signs of Foundation Problems 

How do you know when you need to waterproof your foundation? Here are a few common signs worth keeping an eye out for:

  • Large or zig-zagging cracks in the exterior walls
  • Cracks in the interior sheetrock
  • Doors out of square with surrounding cracks
  • Floors that are noticeably uneven
  • Door frames and window frames separating from the surrounding brick
  • Rotten wood, easily seen by pest infestations of piers and beams or softening, “bouncing” floors” 

How do you Waterproof a Foundation? 

The right way to approach the problem is with the help of waterproofing specialists who bring the experience and equipment you need to tackle your problem at the source. This often begins by draining any existing water away from the foundation, after which they look for means to prevent moisture from reaching it again. This can include, amongst other options, waterproofing the entire basement and waterproofing the crawlspace again.

Any damage already caused to the foundation must be repaired, of course, to prevent moisture, mold, and groundwater from finding places to hide within your foundation. Prevention can include improving the drainage around the home, ensuring water is directed away from the foundation, or the use of a sump pump in the basement to gather water and direct it outwards. 

Another method is to treat the walls of the home, using a sealer to encapsulate the foundation, walls, and crawlspace. Sealers repel moisture, ensuring a space is dryer and safer, once all existing problems have been dealt with. 

Waterproof Foundation Services You Can Rely On 

Foundation damage can be very worrying, and the longer it’s left unchecked, the more extensive and expensive it can get. By working with a certified waterproofing team like Sedona Waterproofing Solutions, you can find the extent of the damage, fix it, and prevent your foundation from further suffering.

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